2020 Conjunction & Your Personal Torus
Amy Baker

Amy Baker

2020 Conjunction & Your Personal Torus

To say today is auspicious is an understatement. Thousands are writing about the Great Conjunction, and I will not do so directly. What I am going to talk about is the journey after this monumental day. 

First, You Becomes You.

That is the only way to live.

But so many of us forgot we are Spirit in the form of the human vessel, learning from this experience of being human. Instead, we have an inversion going on: we have turned inside-out on ourselves and think we are a sovereign human seeking spiritual experiences. Or we think we are flawed. Or ugly. Or not enough. Or an impostor. Or undeserving. Or worthless. Or only worthy IF we DO something. 

How does this happen?

The same way your socks turn inside-out in the washing machine. You got Maytagged by life, Baby! It is rough and tumble! It is believing in others and abandoning the True Self. It is trauma and pain. It is not being welcomed or met with welcoming, so that the story of the high Self becomes distorted and ordinary and perhaps even one of and with and through woundedness.

When we view this time on this planet, and the countless interactions we have with others and with self and with the environment, we are looking through a distortion when we look through the Wounded Self. We tell the stories we see through an oppressive wounded eye. It becomes fraught. With danger. With uncertainty. With trepidation. With self-doubt. We become paralyzed by the fear of… whatever you fear. We become ineffectual through our adaptations to this fear—through Anger. Rage. Fawning. Confusion. Fright. Self-removal. 

The higher Self is not a term of narcissism. It is the raised vibration with which we all come into this vessel—this form of Being. That higher Self can become distorted depending on a number of environmental factors, as well as the karmic journey we signed on to complete while in this bag of skin.

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