Man O'Clock

And it is time to finally realize that you are not alone


Cameras are off when entering. Your choice whether to turn it on.

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The place for you

If you are a man, or identify as male, and would like (or really need) a place for you to be yourself, Man O'Clock may be the place for you

You may need to be able to just breathe.
 We women call it “letting our hair down”. How do you cut loose? Who do you talk to about what burdens you or causes you joy or sadness in your world?

I'm going to challenge you to try out Man O'Clock

If you need support, this is your place.

If you have a background of trauma, neglect, or shame, this might be the place for you.
Ground rules are on the registration page. Civil discourse, Respect, a Willingness to Simply Be.
This is especially sacred space for sexual shame or trauma.
Cameras are all off upon entering, and it is completely up to you whether you turn yours on.
Zoom Meeting. Passcode provided upon entry.

I'm going to challenge you to try out Man O'Clock
Amy Baker

For some of you who don't know, I work in the field of sex and conflict as a somatic practitioner, energy healer, and mediator.

I came to this from a background of trauma.

D-I-V Design Agency is my mediation company. The D-I-V stands for Dignity, Integrity, and Verity. These are the ground rules for mediation and productive conflict.
The Pleasure Principal is the educational arm of DDA, and includes core embodiment practices, energy healing modalities, and sex, attachment, and character structure development education that provides therapeutic relief that is unique to my clients.

This January 31 marks the 10-year anniversary of the death of my youngest brother, and it is for him that February 3 launches a project I have been fumbling with for not just these 10 years, but the 20 years before that when I learned of his severe trauma. He asked me to help men be able to talk before he left the planet, and so I have been attempting to do just that.

On February 3, DDA & TPP launch Man O'Clock, a meeting of men to discuss sex, sexual shame, and sexual trauma openly and confidentially.

This one is for men, support group for men.

If you feel like 2 hours in the company of other men (and one woman–me) developing connection and communication about sex, sexual shame, or sexual trauma, this is the group for you.