Man O'Clock Co-Working Space

What is Man O'Clock?

Man O'Clock is where you go to get some work done. It's where you find some peace and quiet, but as a shared experience. Bring a laptop and settle in at the large reclaimed elm wood table. Or get comfy in a lounge chair. Come as often or as little as you wish with your monthly membership. This is Beacon Hill. We're not corporate. We're not franchisers. We're hard-working people who would like to be in a beautiful space with no more than 10-12 other people at any given time.

If you need to see clients, Book a monthly membership that allows up to 8 hours a month in a private or semi-private room.

Wi-Fi and select beverages and snacks available.


The Short-Run & The Long Game

Why a space for men?

This idea came up as my private practice became filled with more and more men trying to find their place and identity in the world, which was right alongside the internal wisdom I have had for 20 years that displacing any group to favour an overlooked one does nothing in the long run to help bridge understanding, compassion, and empathy. It is amazing that we have finally, as a culture, brought forth our girls in math, science, and college admittance and graduation. What we left behind was continued support and emotional intelligence training for boys. We, as a culture, decided that we liked men subdued with few options on ways of being, and suppression is suppression, whichever way the tide turns. It is not Either/Or; it is Both/And. 

The Librarian's Table space will begin for men, as requested by the men I know and serve. However, this is only Phase I of my plan to include women in some women's-only offerings, and that bridges us over to Phase III, Symposium. I believe men and women need to come to some healing and then move toward a shared space for guided, painful conversations. In the meantime, Man O'Clock opens the moment we are cleared for socialisation again. Evenings are set aside for workshops, classes, Men's Groups, and Men's Yoga twice a month. 

In the meantime, if you are a Man (cis or trans) who wants a place to work in a peaceful locale near local coffee and dining, shoot us an email about taking a tour.

Learn More

If you'd like to visit us and tour our co-working space, let us know! A lot of people who work in a Gig Economy have some isolation. Try co-working in a space designed by The Pleasure Principal to be comfortable for men.

Menu / Price List

Man O'Clock has limited membership space. For instance, a maximum of 8 Unlimited Library memberships will be allowed at any simultaneous period. A maximum of 5 Mezzanine memberships will be allowed at any simultaneous period. A maximum of 5 Combination memberships will be allowed simultaneously.